...of serving families from here and elsewhere

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on the road
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around the world
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around the world
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...of adaptation to our customer needs

General Transportation
TL-LTL freight services : Transportation of general and consumer goods
Refrigerated Transport
Refrigerated freight services: Temperature controlled transportation (fresh and frozen) specialized in food industry
Dedicated freight services
Customized and exclusive transportation and outsourcing services
International transportation and logistics
Logistics services for the coordination of goods for import and export
Flatbed services
Transportation of heavy and irregular dimensioned goods
Regular and cold storage
Storage of goods and food products

...of making Morneau a prime employer

Chantal Roy
Customer service team leader
"Being a team leader in customer service is both challenging and exciting. Even after 22 years, serving the customer quickly and with courtesy is a challenge and also a great source of motivation. I fuel on nothing less than the full satisfaction of my clients."
Donald Villeneuve
"I joined the Morneau family in 1982 as a driver. After several years traveling Quebec’s roads, I was offered to become a dispatcher, and then, 11 years ago, I became a trainer. Groupe Morneau has always believed in me and allowed me to flourish professionally and today, I still have as much fun."
Rémi Mailloux
"When I first started, the business was small and there was not much work. All I wanted was to drive a truck. Morneau gave me my chance and today, I still love my work, my team and the family spirit that prevails."

...of becoming a partner of choice

Whether it is to ship to the United States, to deliver our products locally or even to store our products, Groupe Morneau distinguishes itself from the competition with its punctuality, its unparalleled service and its one-stop-shop offer that meets all our needs.

Being a company based in Ontario, we need a partner that understands the needs of our dealers in Québec and Morneau is the best choice.

Throughout the years (23), they have provided excellent service and have been able to adapt to our ever changing lanes and markets. They have been handling our daily freight year round and ensure truck availability. Everyone does a great job and helps make shipping a lot less stressful.

Cascades Containerboard Packaging - Cabano is pleased to highlight the flexibility, innovation and rigor that Groupe Morneau has demonstrated over the past several years and that have enabled us to establish a solid partnership based on respect, transparency, excellence and the achievement of high performance standards.

This partnership allows us to offer our customers a flawless service, which guarantees sustained growth for our company.

Also in 1942...

Gasoline rationing: gasoline is paid with ration coupons
In the very heart of World War II
Montreal celebrates its 300th anniversary
The National Hockey League celebrates its 25th anniversary
The average weekly wage is $34.16

The story of a family success

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